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What I think about Goths...

Goths suck. They are strange little beings that act as if they are depressed because they are outcasted from others, when really, they are the ones who differ themselves by trying to stand out. Rather than try to fit in, they act as if they love death, act depressed, and try to look like they kick ass because they wear all black. Well, behind all of the black clothes, black lipstick, eye-liner, and "Don't mess with me or I will put a spell on you" kind of attitude, they are just nerds. Pissed off because they did not fit in with other groups. And rather than trying to fit in, they decide to fit in by standing out. And just being themselves. They think they are unique, yet they are in a fad of a growing 150,000+ 'goths' in the US alone. If they are trying to be so 'unique', why do I see them everywhere I go? Different people, all looking the same. I am tired of hearing whining little bitch people that think they have it so bad because no one wanted to play with them when they were kids. Some people have friends, some people don't. People lose friends, and people gain friends. Get over it. And if they think death is so damn kool, why don't they all just kill themselves? And most of the 'goths' that I have talked to, they are not even a true goth, nor do they know what one really is.
I was at a football game a few weeks back and I over heard a few 14 or 15 year old girls talking to one another. One was a normal kid, and the others were 'goths'. One of the 'goths' said to the normal girl..."Oh my God... you should so turn goth! Like, it would be so kool!" Now... this same girl later on that night was at a pool hall and I saw her there. She was sitting in the corner, trying to shun herself from the other people, just so that she could be "unique", just like the other goths. But what made it interesting is that all of her other little friends were all around her, telling her to tell them what was wrong. I could see clearly that she just wanted the attention, so I went up to her and asked her what her problem was, and she said, "I am just thinking about how bad my child hood was. I never had any friends, and my parents hated me." Well, I asked in return to the girl, "What makes you think that your parents hated you?" She then started rambling on and on about how her parents never took time off from work to come to her softball games, cheerleading, or other stupid shit. I was like, "What the fuck?? You expected your parents to take off from work, stop making money to spend on your stupid ass, and possibly get fired, just so they could come and watch you do that stupid shit??" Well, the girl started yelling at me, telling me that I don't know what kind of stuff she could do to me. I told her, "Well... go ahead. Cast a spell on me." And then she just scoffed and walked off. I stood there and yelled to the girl, "So, you wanted your parents to mingle with the other parents so that they would become friends, and then you and their children would become friends, so that you could grow up to be a prep?" She said "Hell no! I don't wanna be no prep". I then said to the girl "Well, you just said it yourself.. you want to be a prep." And she was like "what the fuck???" And I said, "Well, you see, 2 negatives make a possitve. And being that you just said you DON'T wanna be NO prep, you really, from deep down withing yourself said that you DO want to be a prep." About that time her friends started laughing at her and the girl went home. One other prep girl came up to me and said "Why did you do that!?! You're such an asshole!" And I was like, "Well...yea... I am. But what I said was the truth. She walked into it on her own." And the other girl walked off.
Now, by this, it also proves another point. Goths think that they are all high and mighty, smarter than other people and shit like that. I guess this girl did not pay attention in either her math nor English classes.