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Welcome to My Website

Hi! I am Jonah. And you are at my website. Kool, eh?
Wanna know some shyt about me? Ok...
My real name is Jonah, and I am currently living in Ozark, Al.

I am me. Meaning that I am not a goth, skater, prep, wanna-be, hip-hop, or any of that shyt. I am more so a computer geek and video game freak than anything else, I suppose. But, I believe that I am just myself. I do not try to front for anyone, and I do not "follow the crowd". Like, when some new fad comes along, I do not go for it. I just let everyone else run around talking that stupid ass "fo shizzle my nizzle" bullshit talk, and thinking they are all bad ass because they have a 'bling bling'. Although, I do admit to buying me and my girlfriend a few 'bling bling's once... from a damn quarter machine. And they looked kinda kool, too... they were little dragons...and all shiney. But I threw mine away about an hour later once I realized what I had done and poored hydrogine peroxide in my eyes just for punishment. And my girlfriend hung hers up on her rear-view mirror in her car... I guess to blind other cars with the relection from the sun or something.

My favorite hobbies are playing video games, doing anything on my computer, hanging out with my girlfriend Samantha, hanging out with my best friends Shey, Courtney and Nick, watching movies, listening to music (My favorite band is KoRn), learning to play music, singing, building shyt with Lego's, drawing stuff, playing pool, swimming, making explosives in my backyard, writing storites, and a lot of other shyt that I don't feel like going into right now.
I currently work at a job which I also do not feel like going into the detail's of, but I make a lot of money there. And it's easy. I am also thinking of joining either the Army and being an MP, or joining the Air Force and being a pilot. I would also like to land a job working for the Microsoft Corporation, or working for the FBI. Being a police investigator would be kool, also. I have considered being a lawyer, but I think that there are too many lawyers already, so it would not be all that easy to make a living at first. And as for being a doctor, well... that would take too much time and I do not feel like going through all of the crap. It would also be interresting being a Coroner's Assistant... not that I am a necrophiliac or anything like that, I just think it would be kinda fun. Everyone I know seems freaked out by that idea, but I mean damn... they're dead people. Not like they are going to bite me or anything. Unless there is a chemical spill which turns dead people into brain eating zombies with bad attitudes like in "Night of the Living Dead". But even then, I'd just kick all of the zombie's asses and take names. If that were to ever happen for some strange reason, I would probably break into a gun store and live there. All the guns and ammo that I would need, bared window's to keep the zombies out, and really thick wall's so that I could blast my music as loud as it could go. Then the Zombie's would hear the music, and come to the store and start doing the "Monster Mash" outside. As then I would climb onto the roof and sniper out the zombies just for the fun of it.

My best friend is Shey. He and I are quite opposite from eachother in beliefs and shyt like that, but we still have a lot in common. We first met when we were like 8 years old, then I moved away for a bunch of years and then moved back when I was like 16. We saw eachtoher again, but had forgotten all about eachtother. So, we went for a few years without knowing that we knew eachother for so long. Then one night, he was talking about his cousin and I remembered who she was... then we had this long pause of silence, and started freaking the hell out because we realized who eachother were. So, from that moment forward, we have been pretty inseperable.

My girlfriend is Samantha. Her and I have been going out now for about 5 months. Although, we have gone out like 3 times before, but it never worked out. But for some reason, we always end up coming back to eachother. So, I guess that it's true love, meant to be kind of shyt. She's half-Korean, half American... which is really bad ass being that I have like an Asian fetish kinda thing going on. She's hott as hell, too. I will get some bad ass pics of her to put on here soon. So, if you're a guy and you see the pics of her, try not to nutt yourself. And if you're a chick, try not to turn gay.
(Please note that neither I or Samantha are to be held responsible for any chick turning gay, or any guy putting his eye out.)

My other best friend is Josiah. We went through hell together(Brewton), so nothing can tear us apart. He was there for me whenever I needed him. Still is today, too. Him and I have had the strangest, stupidest, and best days of our lives together. He stays with me like every summer for a few weeks. And one summer he like moved in with me for a few months. It was the shyt. But next summer, ee will be here for at least 3 weeks out of next summer and I will be at his house for like the other 3 weeks.
Living without him would be like living without water in the sea's. It would just make no sense. Josiah... dude... I love ya mon. And next time, SHARE THE DAMN MIKE'S!

And I have saved one of the best for last... Melissa. She is my sister. She has been my sister for about 3 and a half years now, I guess it is. She has like always been there for me when I needed her, and I try to be there for her when she needs me. Even though it does not always work out that way... sorry. I keep telling her that I am going to come to her house and see her or something, but it never works out, either. So, I guess I will just have to suprise her one of these days. I can imagine it now... I will finally go over there, and she will not be home. It'd be about my luck. But yea... She's my favorite girl friend ever. (Girlfriend meaning friend which is a girl.) I love ya, Melizza!

Sorry, but I am not going to give any "Shoutouts" to all of the useless people that don't deserve to have their names on my site. So, if you're wanting to be on my site, and I don't even know you... go get neutered or something so that you will hopefully not be able to breed and make more morron's like you. (I.E. on my old site, I had someone email me and tell me to put some stupid shit like "Mrs. Edwards is a bitch" somewhere on my site. I guess everyone in the damn world know's who Mrs. Edwards is, and then all need to be informed that she's a bitch.)

Click here to e-mail me.

Well... That is all that I can think to put on here at the moment. I will come back later and work on this some more. But keep in mind, this is just opening page for my site, and I still have a LOT more stuff to put up there. So, thanks for coming to my site and checking out stuff about me and all, but please come back... things will change. Oh, yea... My AOL/ AIM screen names are Ekko Zexx, and RunzWithHatchetz. And my Yahoo name is Zyphium.

Come back soon!
Thank you.

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