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Ok, this is my final webpage I will ever make.
After 18 fucking years of this shit, it's all finally over.
If you're reading this, than you probably know that I have taken myself out of this life.

I could not cope with the pain, the idiocy, and the carelessness of the world.

Everyone I have known has fucked me over.

Wether it was from saying I did something I did not even know about, promising they would not hurt me and then rip my heart out and burn it, to getting really close to me and then simply never wanting to talk to me again for absolutly no reason.

Only one person on this Earth ever understood me. She is the only reason I've waited so long to do this.

I came up with a more than unique way to kill myself. No one will ever find my body. There will be no body to find. So, don't waste your time.

All I have to say is this:

When you come into someone's life and tell them you love them. Tell them you care, tell them you will never hurt them... then you break their heart into a million pieces and let it drop all over the place, at least try to pick the pieces back up before simply telling them you do not care about them anymore and just leaving them there to do what I did.

When you meet someone, try to understand everything about them. THEN judge them. Don't just find out one thing about someone and decide that you hate the person and expect everyone else to hate the person, too. It's simply not fair.

I am sorry that it had to be like this, but if only one more person had told me they loved me, how much they cared, and meant it... and would not leave me... I'd still be here today.

Don't forget about me...